2019 Tournament Schedule TBA:

($30/singles; $50/doubles team or $25 per person*)

  • Women’s Doubles
  • Men’s Open Singles
  • Men’s Singles 55+
  • Men’s Singles 40+
  • Men’s Doubles 55+
  • Men’s Singles Invitational (4.0+)
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Men’s Doubles

Round Robin format for all tournaments, participants will play each other in a bracket, winner of each bracket will play each other in a playoff.
Events will run either as one or two days. Balls are provided. Matches are played at the 119th Street Courts. Play may start as early as 9am.

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Check out our photo gallery for some shots of tournaments and events from prior years.


  • All players must be members of 119th Street Tennis Association
  • Participants are asked to play tournaments on weekends, unless others arranged
  • Finals are ONLY played on the weekends
  • If players arrive 15 minutes after scheduled time of match they will automatically default
  • Players have a ten minute warm up and then the match must begin
  • All matches (except round robin doubles) will be two out of three regulation sets with 12 point tie breakers (if required)
  • Round Robin Doubles (men's, mixed and women's) will be 1 eight game pro-set, no ad scoring, minimum of 3 sets (8 teams); Finals: regular two out of three sets but with no ad scoring.
  • Players call their own lines (there will be no lines people)
  • Players keep their own score. If disputes occur, they will be resolved at the discretion of the tournament Director or his/her representative.
  • If requested someone will be available to call foot faults on serves
  • We depend on good sportsmanship to prevail to make our events a success

**If you are a member of the association and want to sign up for a future tournament:

  • Please specify the tournament(s) in which you wish to participate
  • Make sure to include both your phone number and email address so we can contact you
  • Entry fees are $30/singles, $50/doubles team: RPC/119th Street Tennis Association; all players in either singles or doubles matches are required to be Association Members

Please register on-line or mail your check to
119th Street Tennis Association/RPC
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 455
New York, NY 10115

If you are not a member of the association and want to sign up for a tournament
First you need to become a member. Click here to get started. The registration form also has a tournament sign up section for your convenience.

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