How do I join the ladder?
To participate in the Electronic Ladder you need to first join the 119th Street Tennis Association and indicate your interest in joining the Ladder roster on the application form ($10.00 fee). You will then receive an e-mail notification from our Ladder Coordinator, Roger Salzman who will provide you with a password so that you can access the Ladder (login is below) and challenge other tennis enthusiasts.


Since New York City Parks & Recreation limits single play to an hour, some ground rules should be established before the match begins.

If courts are empty and there are no time constraints, two of three sets regular scoring should be the norm. If there is a rain wipeout, the match should continue on another day agreeable to both.

If it is a typical day where you are limited to one hour, you can pick one of the following or any combination.
- No add scoring
- Whoever is ahead at the end of the hour is the winner

If you choose scoring at the end of the hour and the score is 6-3 2-1, enter that score or you just play games and the score is 10-5, enter that.

Any debates about the match should be communicated to me and I will be the final arbiter. Hopefully there will be none.
Remember to communicate with your opponent and especially to have fun.

Roger Salzman, Electronic Ladder Coordinator

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