How To Join

Joining on-line is easy with our new registration system: click here

If you are a past 119TA member, use the forgot password feature, the system should recognize your email address on file.
If you are new to 119TA, use the Create an Account feature.

You can also join on the new app. Download TennisGroups on apple or google, and choose 119 as your community. Then select "Join" on the app menu.

How much does it cost?
Annual membership is $50. Membership lasts for the full calendar year (Jan-Dec).

What do my annual dues support?
Membership dues in the 119th Street Tennis Association help to maintain the courts at 119th Street in Riverside Park and the immediate surrounding area. These courts are located on the edge of an undeveloped area at the north end of the park, which is also a bird sanctuary, and so provide a unique playing environment for neighborhood and visiting tennis players.

Besides helping to provide for the upkeep of this facility, members of the 119th Street Tennis Association form a community of tennis-loving individuals who sponsor events and tennis-related activities at the courts. The Association hosts social occasions in the park near the courts, provides opportunities for competitive play for tournaments and ladders. All these benefits are available to Association members. In addition, the Association maintains this Web site, with the goal of fostering a sense of community among its members and friends.

Who do I make my check out to if I prefer to pay by check?
RPC/119th St. Tennis Association

Where do I send my check and membership form?
Send your check and membership form to:
119th Street Tennis Association/RPC
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 455
New York, NY 10115

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