Contact Us

Please see below for contact information specific to your needs.

General Hotline and email: 212-870-3082, moc.liamg|cossAsinneTht911#moc.liamg|cossAsinneTht911

Our phone # is for general inquiries and messages. E-mail is checked more frequently than voicemail.
If you have an urgent message, please call the Riverside Park Conservancy at 212-870-3070.

Address to send checks for membership and events:
119th Street Tennis Association
A Riverside Park Conservancy Affiliate
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 455
New York, NY 10115

For Members

  • Membership questions: Liz Hydes: moc.liamg|cossAsinneTht911#moc.liamg|cossAsinneTht911
  • To add/change your Play Pal information: Joanie Schroeder: moc.liamg|esoreinaoj#moc.liamg|esoreinaoj
  • To participate in a tournament: Patrick Duvalsaint: moc.loa|ptniaslavud#moc.loa|ptniaslavud
  • For anything related to the ladder: Roger Salzman: moc.liamg|namzlas_regor#moc.liamg|namzlas_regor

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