119TA Steering Committee

Below are brief bios of the 119TA Committee who are working in partnership with the Riverside Park Conservancy to improve the tennis experience at 119th Street.

Napua Davoy, President
Amy Ayres, Member-at-Large
Barbara Eisberg, Member-at-Large
Roger Salzman, Ladder Manager
Joanie Schroeder, Maintenance and Facilities Coordinator
Daisy Siemon, Secretary/Treasurer
Liz Hydes, Immediate Past President

Amy Ayres

Amy moved to the Upper West Side in 2002. Each year she has been spending more and more time at the 119th Street tennis courts. She works as an actuary consulting for retirement plans. She dreams of being able to play tennis every day.

Napua Davoy

Composer/Playwright/Performer Napua Davoy's ongoing project is the garden at the tennis courts. Her two first jazzical plays, "Stella Rising" and "Miami" were produced in NYC. She has two CD releases "High Standards" and "Stella Rising" available for purchase at www.napuadavoy.com. Napua began serving as president of the 119TA Steering Committee in January 2017.

Roger Salzman

Roger Salzman was born and raised in NYC and recently returned here after a stint in Pittsburgh. Roger discovered the 119th street courts via Google Earth which was truly heaven sent. He spends time gardening at various Riverside Park Conservancy volunteer sites, volunteering at Riverside Church and playing tennis.

Joanie Schroeder

Joanie has lived in the Upper West Side neighborhood all her life, and is one of those 'every day, all year round players'. After offering to make the first court dividers, she was swiftly recruited to the board of the 119TA. As maintenance and facilities coordinator, she is never without her wire cutters and center straps!

Daisy Siemon

Originally from Cincinnati, formerly of Riverside Drive, Daisy now lives on the Upper East Side but the 119th Street courts make the cross-town trip worth it. Daisy is the Board's diligent Secretary and Association Treasurer. Daisy dreams of someday having a commanding serve.

Liz Hydes

Liz served as the Association's treasurer for several years and became its president in 2004. As an all-around tennis enthusiast, she delighted in preserving and maintaining the treasured oasis in Riverside Park. She retired as president of 119TA in 2013.

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